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Two Texas men file car accident lawsuit

Two Texas men have filed a car accident lawsuit against a driver they claim was responsible for a multi-vehicle crash that allegedly left them permanently impaired.

Don R. Castolenia Jr. and Perry W. Malone Jr filed the lawsuit against Brent Crow in regards to a September 2008 car crash, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Castolenia was allegedly a passenger in a car driven by Malone at the time of the incident.

According to the lawsuit, “As Mr. Malone entered the 3900 block of the Eastex Freeway a vehicle driven by defendant, Brent Crow, lost control and struck a vehicle driven by Carolyn Russell. The defendant, Brent Crow, then bounced off said vehicle and struck the vehicle the two plaintiffs were occupying at the time of the incident in question.”

The two plaintiffs claim that because of the accident they have been physically impaired, lost wages, incurred medical costs and experienced scarring, physical pain and mental anguish, reports the news source.

The lawsuit blames Crow for causing the collision by being negligent.

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Estate of dead woman files car accident lawsuit

The estate of a Pennsylvania woman is claiming wrongful death in a car accident lawsuit it recently filed.

Beatrice A. Cutaia, 79, was killed on August 31, 2008, when her car was struck by a vehicle being operated by Jason A. Slonacher, reports the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

A police investigation into the accident determined that Slonacher was drunk at the time of the incident. According to police, his blood alcohol content was 0.131, higher than the 0.08 allowed by law.

Dennis Zuzik, the attorney for Cutaia’s estate, claims that Slonacher was also speeding at the time of the accident.

“He was speeding, and he was drunk when this accident occurred,” he told the news source.

However police were not able to determine that Slonacher was speeding, which had major implications. If he had been he would have likely faced vehicular manslaughter charges, reports the news provider.

According to Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck, Cutaia was at fault for the accident.

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Husband receives $5.3 million settlement in medical malpractice lawsuit

A medical malpractice lawsuit has ended with a $5.3 million settlement for the husband of a Illinois woman who died of a stroke.

In December 2006, Samantha Medina, 24, went to Central DuPage Hospital because of a headache and numbness on the right side of her body, reports Chicago Breaking News. She died within three weeks, according to court documents.

Lawyers for Medina’s family argued that doctors at the hospital failed to evaluate and treat the young woman, allowing her to die of her stroke.

The attorney for Dr. Henry Echiverri, one of the parties paying the settlement, said the decision to resolve the case before trial was to avoid a large jury award, rather than an admission of guilt, reports the news source

“All of Dr. Echiverri’s care was completely appropriate,” Rodney E. VanAusdal, told Chicago Breaking News. “In this climate, sometimes doctors are forced to compromise and settle to avoid even the small risk of a runaway jury verdict.”

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Family expected to sue over woman’s garbage truck accident death

The family of a 19-year-old Indiana woman killed by a garbage truck plans to file a car accident lawsuit against Jeffersonville, Indiana, if it does not respond to its settlement claim.

The family of Bethany Burrier is seeking a claim for the maximum $700,000 allowed by Indiana law, according to the Courier-Journal.

In May, the garbage truck struck the rear of Burrier’s vehicle after failing to stop in time for construction work. In the negotiations, the family is alleging negligence on the part of the garbage truck driver.

According to Jennifer Thompson, the family’s lawyer, a notice of intent to file the car accident lawsuit was sent to city after negotiations ended without an agreement.

Larry Wilder, a lawyer for the city, told the news provider in an email that Jeffersonville’s insurance company is dealing with the negotiations. He also expressed sympathy for the family.

“It’s everyone’s hope and desire that this horribly tragic event can be brought to a speedy conclusion,” he wrote. “The pain and anguish that the family has experienced is unfathomable and our prayers remain with them.”

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Judge hears motions in Louisiana asbestos lawsuit

A New Orleans judge recently heard motions in a workplace injury lawsuit from workers who claim they were exposed to asbestos on the job.

Anco Inc., Cajun Company, Reilly Power Inc. and Okonite Co. are being sued for allegedly making asbestos containing-products that harmed workers and their families, according to the Louisiana Record.

Judge Sidney Cates IV denied Anco’s motion of exception claiming vagueness, but ruled consent judgement for similar claims filed by the other three defendants.

The original lawsuit was filed on behalf of Ray and Nadyne Lavigne, alleging that Nadyne contracted mesothelioma from the asbestos brought home on her husband’s clothes.

David Canella, lawyer for the plaintiffs, claimed that the motions for vagueness were unwarranted as the four defendants had been named in other asbestos lawsuits.

“It is absurd for the defendants to assert that they don’t have enough information to begin to generally prepare its defense for this case,” the plaintiff’s said in their opposition to the motions.

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Man hires law firm after wife’s death at SeaWorld

The husband of a trainer at SeaWorld Orlando who was drowned by a killer whale has hired a lawyer and may be considering filing a workplace injury lawsuit over his wife’s alleged wrongful death.

Chicago-based firm O’Connor & Nakos, which specializes in wrongful death cases, confirmed that it represents Scott Brancheau, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Brancheau’s wife, Dawn, was killed by the whale, named Tilikum in February.

Initially it appeared that Brancheau and SeaWorld were on the same page following the incident, with both parties trying to prevent the video of the incident from being posted on the internet, reports the news source.

A recent U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigation into Dawn Brancheau’s death revealed three workplace safety violations, including one that was described as “willfull,” according to the news provider.

The agency proposed that SeaWorld pay $75,000 in fines for the violations. OSHA also criticized the sea park for allowing trainers to work so closely with Tilikum, who is larger than any other killer whale in the park and was involved in the death of another trainer nearly 20 years ago.

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Ex-mayor faces second car accident lawsuit

The former mayor of Tacoma, Washington, is facing a car accident lawsuit, shortly after settling a previous one regarding the same incident.

The former mayor Brian Ebersole was seriously hurt in a December 17 collision that occurred when he made a U-turn and was struck by a pickup truck, according to the News Tribune. The pickup’s occupants were Monique Neira, her child and her mother, Cynthia Brundage, who were all hurt in the accident.

Bruce Danielson, a Seattle lawyer, told the news source that in a deposition, Ebersole admitted that he was at fault for the accident.

A settlement with Ebersole’s insurance company covered the child’s injuries and the lawsuit filed by Neira and her husband was settled.

However Brundage recently filed her own car accident lawsuit, seeking compensation for medical expenses and economic loss. The amount that the lawsuit was seeking was not listed.

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Man facing car accident lawsuit sentenced to four years in jail

A man, who is facing a civil car accident lawsuit for causing the alleged wrongful death of a woman, recently received four years in prison for vehicular manslaughter.

Prosecutors say that in July 2009 the then 20-year-old Paul Kyu Kim left a California restaurant after becoming drunk and crashed into a car driven by Drean Hanley, killing the 58-year-old, reports the Daily Breeze. After the crash it was found that Kim’s blood-alcohol content was 0.12, which is above the legal limit of 0.08.

While Kim’s criminal charges are accounted for, he is still facing a civil lawsuit from Hanley’s husband, Albert. Also named in the lawsuit is RA Sushi, the restaurant that Kim left right before the fatal car accident.

“RA Sushi had a responsibility to protect both its patrons and the public,” Hanley’s lawyer Joshua Wayser said in a statement when the lawsuit was first filed in April. “But through either corporate greed or reckless ignorance, failed to do so.”

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Doctor who fled country faces medical malpractice lawsuits

A medical malpractice lawsuit has gone to trial against an Indiana surgeon who spent more than five years on the lamb before being captured in Italy.

The trial is just one of about 300 medical malpractice lawsuits that Mark Weinberger is facing, reports the Associated Press. According to prosecutors, Weinberger billed patients and insurers alike for procedures that he never performed at his Merrillville, Indiana, nose and sinus clinic.

This current trial involves William Boyer who claims that Weinberger needlessly operated on him, causing him long-term pain and suffering, according to the Gary Post-Tribune.

Boyer’s attorney, Barry Rooth, said that Weinberger did not perform all nine of the procedures for which he billed his client $42,000. In addition, he said the doctor abandoned his patient when he fled the country in 2004, leaving him with two holes in his sinuses that weren’t supposed to be there.

“Mr. Boyer had no disease in his sinuses,” Rooth said.

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Woman files slip-and-fall lawsuit in Illinois

A woman has filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a grocery store in Illinois.

Courtney M. Goss claims that an oil-like substance on the floor of a Shop N’ Save in Belleville, Illinois, caused her to slip and fall on August 16, 2008, making her lame, sore, sick, disabled and disordered, according to the St. Clair Record. Goss filed her slip-and-fall lawsuit in St. Clair County Circuit Court against SuperValu, which was doing business as Shop ‘N Save, and Wetterau, which was also doing business as Shop ‘N Save.

Goss blames the defendants in her case of negligently failing to maintain the floor in a safe condition, allowing an oil-like substance to remain on their floor, failing to warn of the dangerous condition caused by the spill and failing to exercise due care.

Goss claims that because of her slip and fall she has incurred medical costs as well as experiencing pain, suffering and anguish.

The plaintiff is seeking more than $50,000 plus costs.

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