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Carbide Industries sued for injuries that were suffered in a hazardous environment

Carbide Industries in Rubbertown, Kentucky is being sued by a former employee for injuries following a March explosion that killed two and left many wounded according to WLKY. Individuals who have suffered injuries in the workplace may be able to obtain legal funding that could assist them financially during a litigation.

The media outlet reports that Adrian Wright was hired to vaccuum dust at Carbide Industries as a contractor. The dust he was cleaning contained calcium carbide, which is a volatile element that burns at high temperatures when it is exposed to water. While he was working, the calcium carbide fell into the plaintiff’s boot, and then burned when coming into contact with his skin and sweat. The lawsuit claims that Wright was not properly informed of the dangers of the chemicals to which he was exposed.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, calcium carbide also heats when exposed to quicklime, which was abundant in the facility.

The plaintiff was also not made aware of the toxic nature of the dust in the air, and was not given a mask even though full-time employees had them, according to the WLKY. Wright claims to have a difficult time breathing, and is constantly out of breath and wheezing.

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Grocery store settles slip and fall claim

HEB Grocery settled a slip and fall lawsuit that alleged the store was responsible for a Texas resident’s injuries, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Individuals who have suffered from injuries that are the result of a fall may be able to obtain a personal injury lawsuit loan to help fund a trial.

The news source reports that Earlene Steward slipped on a puddle of liquid outside the door of HEB Grocery, and alleges that the store was negligent and responsible for her injuries. HEB initially denied the claims and held the plaintiff responsible for her own safety, and suggested that a third party may have been responsible.

The plaintiff suffered from injuries to her wrists, spine, back and shoulder, and claims that the wet floor was a hazard to customers, according to the media outlet.

On April 14, 2011, a mediator filed a letter stating that the parties had settled the dispute, however as of May 16, a settlement was still not on file.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 37 percent of workplace slips and falls result in back injuries

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Miss Kitty’s a defendant in motor vehicle injury suit

Miss Kitty’s bar in Washington Park, Illinois is being sued by a man who claims he was injured as a result of an impaired driver, according to the St. Clair Record. Individuals who have suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident may be able to obtain legal funding to help finance a trial.

According to the media outlet, Jonathan Powers claims that Gail Allen, owner of Miss Kitty’s, neglected to properly monitor the establishment’s parking lot for drunk and impaired drivers. On May 15, Powers got in a car accident with another patron of the bar, who was not named. The plaintiff claims to have sustained permanent injuries as a result.

Allegedly, Allen also failed to properly train security guards in her establishment, and to warn the plaintiff of the dangers in the lot.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one-third of vehicular deaths are the result of a drunk or impaired driver.

The St. Clair Record reports that the plaintiff is suing for unspecific injuries, pain and suffering, as well as medical costs and lost wages in an amount of $200,000.

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ictim of semi-trailer crash dismisses lawsuit

Danielle and Joseph Thomson dismissed a suit they filed against Highway Transport and Chemical and its employee, Zygmunt W. Wieckowski, over a car crash that killed four people, according to the Springfield News-Sun. Individuals who have been in traffic accidents and are considering litigation may be able to obtain legal funding to finance a trial.

According to the news source, on January 7, 2010, Wieckowski’s semi-trailer crashed into a bus the plaintiff and other passengers were riding in, killing Traci Williams, Lonnie E. Acton, Alonzo Ruffin and Kenny Fry. Thomson suffered damage to her leg and hip as well as internal injuries. She also claims to suffer from post-traumatic stress due to the accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 30,797 traffic crashes that ended in fatalities in 2009. A total of 6,770 of these deaths were passengers.

The Springfield News-Sun reports that the suit was initially filed for upwards of $25,000 in damages. The defendant pleaded no contest to all four counts of vehicular manslaughter and will serve 30 days in prison for the offenses.

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Woman awarded $11 million in damages in car accident trial

A woman in Urbana, Illinois was recently awarded $11 million in a lawsuit regarding a car crash that happened on Labor Day 2004, according to the News Gazette. Individuals who have suffered from traffic accidents may be able to obtain lawsuit funding to assist financially with a case.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2004 there were 10.4 million motor vehicle accidents across the country.The media outlet reports that Joseph and Carla Link were driving a van down I-74 with their daughter when a horse trailer hit their vehicle, and caused it to roll several times. The trailer belonged to Clovis Crane, a horse breeder, and it came detached from his pickup when it ran into a median on the highway.

According to the News Gazette, each member of the Link family suffered injuries, but Carla sustained damage to her ribs, collarbone and legs as well as brain trauma and nerve damage in her spine and pelvis. Medical professionals stated that the damage to Carla’s nervous system causes her to feel as if her skin is constantly on fire, and her condition ranks among the top 10 percent of pain severity.

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Parents sue town of Griswold after their daughter’s death

The parents of a teen who died in a car accident in December 2010 are suing the city of Griswold, Connecticut for negligence and carelessness according to The Day. Individuals who have suffered from a motor vehicle accident may be able to obtainlawsuit loans to assist them financially while they are undergoing litigation.

According to the media outlet, Gina Pelletier and Eugene Cornell filed a suit on the behalf of their daughter Sativa Cornell, who was in a single car crash with four other teens. Only one survived and he is still recovering from injuries.

The suit claims that the town of Griswold and the Board of Education are responsible for the teens skipping school on the day of the accident, since some were already on watch for the offense. It also alleges that the school allowed a driver with only a learner’s permit, 16-year-old John Clapper, to drive on and off the premises, according to the media outlet.

According to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles, a teen with a learner’s permit must have a parent, legal guardian or instructor in the vehicle with them as they drive.

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Jury finds Costco innocent of negligence

Costco was sued by a woman over a slip and fall that occurred in its Santa Barbara location in February 2010, according to The Press Democrat. Victims who suffer from similar injuries should seek out personal injury lawsuit loans, which can offer them financial assistance while they are undergoing litigation.

Laura Campos was shopping for pork ribs in the frozen meats section when her legs slipped out from under her. Her fall was allegedly caused by what was observed to be a two-to-three-foot-long mess that may have been from a potsticker that had fallen from a Costco vendor’s cart when giving free samples to customers.

The news source reports that the floor was cleaned by Costco employees, but Campos’s husband photographed the substance on her shoe for evidence.

Campos, a landscaper, sued for loss of wages as well as unspecified damages. The plaintiff alleged that she suffered damage to her spinal cord and from separation of her tailbone, and claims that these inuries left her unable to function from day to day.

The media outlet later reported that Costco was cleared of the charges.

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 37 percent of workplace slips and falls result in back injuries.

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Texas hospital worker sues after fall on slippery floor

A Texas woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the hospital where she works and several other companies after she claims she fell while working at the facility. Many people who have been injured in slip and fall accidents seek a lawsuit advance to help finance the cost of similar litigation.

The Southeast Texas Record reports that a suit has been filed on behalf of Sandra Lacap in Orange County District Court against Medi-Cyn Incorporated, Crothall Services Group and Crothal Healthcare.

According to the news source, Lacap claims that the companies failed to provide her with the proper shoes to wear while she used a machine to strip wax off the floors at Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital. Lacap allegedly fell while working at the facility in March 2009. Lacap contends that she had requested the shoes several times before the incident.

The lawsuit claims that the defendants failed to provide a safe working environment, as well as protect her from a potentially dangerous condition.

Lacap is reportedly seeking unspecified damages that include loss of earnings, mental anguish, court costs and medical expenses.

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Actress Rosie Perez sues for injuries on the set of Law and Order

The producers of NBC’s Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit are being sued for negligence by actress Rosie Perez, who was injured on set in September 2009, according to The Associated Press. Individuals who suffer from workplace injury may be able to obtain a personal injury lawsuit loan that can help them fund a litigation.

The lawsuit states that during the filming of an episode titled Hardwired, from season 11 of the show, Rosie Perez was, “recklessly pulled, grabbed, yanked, wrenched and/or manhandled” while filming, the media outlet reports.

According to the New York Daily News, the actor who is allegedly responsible for Perez’s injuries was not a stunt actor, and as such, was not properly trained to make a scene appear violent without causing harm. As a result, the plaintiff sustained a herniated disk that has required two surgeries, and still she claims she still suffers from numbness in her arms and severe pain.

The news source also reports that, due to pressure to finish the episode, Perez continued to work despite her injuries. The plaintiff says that she has been unable to work for the last year and had to turn down many roles that she was scheduled to play.

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Paraplegic files suit against California medical center over inadequate care

A paraplegic California man is suing a local hospital claiming the medical facility fails to provide adequate care to paralyzed patients. Those who have been injured due to the negligence of a medical expert may want to seek lawsuit funding to help finance the cost of litigation.

The Contra Costa Times reports that a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Rick Cottini in Butte Superior Court.

According to the news agency, Cottini claims the hospital staff at Enloe Medical Center was negligent when he was a patient there in 2007. He claims he developed sores on his tailbone after staff members failed to turn him often enough in his hospital bed while he was recovering from shoulder surgery.

The lawsuit claims that staff did not appear to fully understand that it needed to turn paralyzed patients in bed more often than regular patients.

Cottini contends that he still suffers from the sore if he sits on his reclining bicycle for long periods of time. The news source reports that Cottini had been an aspiring Olympic bicyclist and had trained to compete as a hand cyclist in 1999.

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