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Panel: County immune but car accident lawsuit can proceed

While an appellate court recently ruled that a man who was struck by a vehicle could not file a car accident lawsuit against a county for failing to maintain a crosswalk, he could still sue the driver and business owners.

Sundarraj Chinnaraj suffered serious injuries in 2005 when he attempted to cross a street in Edison, New Jersey, and was hit by a car, according to myCentralJersey.com. Chinnaraj had claimed in his car accident lawsuit that Middlesex County was partially responsible for the incident because it had failed to provide pedestrian signs and properly maintain a crosswalk.

A three-judge panel said that the county could not be sued in such regard because of the Tort Claims Act. However, the panel did reverse a lower court’s decision barring Chinnaraj from suing businesses in the area.

Chinnaraj claims that the businesses’ signs provided “visual clutter” that obscured pedestrian signs. The panel agreed, allowing Chinnaraj’s car accident lawsuit to proceed.

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