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Lighthouse Legal Finance Helps You Out

You’ve just been injured and have filed a lawsuit. But the legal battle might drag on for months, or even years. Now you can’t work because of the injury, and not only are your normal living expenses piling up, but lawyer fees and other legal payments are adding to your financial stress. To help alleviate some of your current problems, it may be best to think about signing up for a lawsuit loan.

The term “lawsuit loan” can be misleading, though, because it is not actually a loan. It is legal funding you can acquire for current expenses, and only if you win your settlement will you pay back the money you’ve borrowed. If you lose your case, you won’t need to worry about paying back.

Lighthouse Legal Finance, a leader in the legal funding industry, can lend you whatever amount money you need, from $500 to as much as $500,000. Our approval process is quick, and we can get the money to you in as little as 24 hours.

Whereas other settlement funding companies have strict limitations on the amounts of money they lend per plaintiff and high interest rates, Lighthouse Legal Finance can accommodate large requests, and sets low interest rates that allow you to save your money when you finally receive your settlement.

Designed to be a stress-free legal financier, Lighthouse Legal Finance can help you wage your legal battle as long as you need to reach the best settlement possible.

Lighthouse Legal Finance Keeps Lawsuit Loan Interests Low

When you are waging a legal battle, and you find yourself strapped for cash, often the best solution is taking out a lawsuit loan. In searching for the right deal, however, you must make sure that the loan you seek offers a capped rate, meaning that the interest the company charges you between the time you receive the loan and the time you finally reach a settlement will not exceed a certain rate.

Lighthouse Legal Finance, LLC, is a company known to provide great capped rates to those taking on lawsuit loans. Starting from as low as 1 percent interest rates, Lighthouse Legal Finance works with you to develop the most feasible plan of action for borrowing money from us.

With pre settlement funding plaintiffs are not required to pay back the money they borrow unless or until they win their case and receive money from the settlement. If they are unlucky enough to lose the case, they are under no obligation to pay back any of the sum to our company.

Interest rates are standard settings on most lawsuit loans. If you win a settlement, you pay the amount of interest accumulated from when you received the lawsuit loan, in addition to the original loan amount. Lighthouse Legal Finance sets our interest rates as low as possible, so that you retain as much as the money you need from your settlement.

To ensure you don’t lose money from a settlement in paying off lawsuit loans, call Lighthouse Legal Finance for consultation today.