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Driver of tractor-trailer sued for wrongful death

A car accident lawsuit has been filed against the driver of a semi-truck which collided with a vehicle and killed a man, reports the Telegraph Herald. Many people who file such cases use legal loans from lawsuit advance providers to help them fund their cases.

The family of Mark Kerper filed the suit against driver John Bahl and the vehicle’s owner, Russell Bahl. Kerper died when his car was allegedly hit by a trailer that had become unhitched from the semi-tractor trailer pulling it.

According to the lawsuit, John Bahl is responsible for Kerper’s death because he was negligent while operating the vehicle and failed to make sure the connection between the two trailers was secure.

Both men do not deny they are liable for damages, but they claim the accusations of negligence are false. Unless a settlement is made, the case is reportedly expected to be heard by a trial jury within the next year.

The amount of damages was not included in the news report, but Kerper’s wife said, “It’s not about money for us. It won’t bring my husband back.”