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Lawsuit Loans from Lighthouse Legal

Waiting for a settlement from a personal injury lawsuit is a long and frustrating process. This money is needed for medical bills or to manage regular household bills, especially if the plaintiff is not working as a result of the injury. However, the answer to this problem could be a lawsuit loan from Lighthouse Legal.

Understanding Lawsuit Loans

Those who have a pending lawsuit may need cash immediately but don’t know where to get it. Some people are hesitant to seek out settlement funding or loans because they believe the lender will become involved in the litigation, but the fact is that lawsuit loans provide immediate relief to a plaintiff without the lender being involved in the lawsuit.

Repaying Lawsuit Loans

What many people do not understand is that lawsuit loans are repaid only when a lawsuit is settled. This means that whether it takes one month or one year, funding is still available. In most cases, if a litigant loses their suit, there is no repayment required.

Types of Lawsuit Loans

There are two types of lawsuit loans, pre-settlement and post-settlement. In a pre-settlement loan, lenders look at the overall quality of the suit and the lawsuit serves as the collateral for the loan. The approval process is stringent, but when there is a strong case, the necessary funds are issued to the plaintiff. In a post-settlement loan, funds are typically an advance on the amount of judgment ordered by the court. Either way, lawsuit loans and settlement funding are definitely things to look into if you are involved in a lawsuit.

Lawsuit loans make a lot of sense when you have a suit pending and are in need of cash prior to the settlement of your case, so contact Lighthouse Legal today to learn more or to get started with a lawsuit loan.

Lawsuit Cash from Lighthouse Legal

Being a plaintiff in a lawsuit that stems from an accident or another wrongful act is usually a very painful and time-consuming process. While days, months, and even years pass by, often times it seems there is no settlement in sight. In the meantime, bills have not been paid and tough financial times are ahead. Fortunately, Lighthouse Legal can help put an end to your ongoing financial woes with our lawsuit cash options.

    -Lawsuit Funding

Lighthouse Legal is a lawsuit cash advance funding company. We take the financial burden away, allowing the plaintiff to move forward in his or her life. Our company provides cash advances when a lawsuit is still ongoing and has not yet been settled. The money we can provide can be used for absolutely anything the person wants to spend it on.

    -Cash Advance Non-Recourse Funding

Non-recourse funding means that the individual will receive a legally agreed to amount of cash from our company, regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit. If the plaintiff loses his or her case, no money has to be paid back to us.

This does not mean that the lawsuit is dropped or stopped. The plaintiff still has to aid in the lawsuit with his or her attorney. We will also keep close contact with the plaintiff and the attorney as to the progression of the lawsuit until it is settled. Once a cash advance is given, our company has a vested interest in the lawsuit, with the hope and intention of winning it.

    -Getting Started with Lighthouse Legal

The process begins once we receive the necessary paperwork from the plaintiff’s attorney. It is an easy process that can result in a cash advance being given as soon as 24 hours, in some cases.

If you are under a lot of financial stress because your lawsuit keeps getting delayed or continued, Lighthouse Legal wants to make life more comfortable by helping you get cash. Contact us today to learn more or to get started with a lawsuit loan!