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Pre-Settlement Loans Help Plaintiffs

Pre-settlement funding is just what you may need if need to pay some bills and meet your financial obligations. It is usually a quick and painless process. You do not have to deal with bureaucratic loan processes or go through credit checks or your employment history. Instead of waiting to get your settlement money, you can get it right away! This is a lawsuit loan that works as a cash advance and does not have to be paid back if your lawsuit has not yet been settled. This applies to cases that are currently pending and has a settlement in the works.

LightHouse Legal helps you substantially. Your attorney is able to spend more time on your case and give you better representation. It reduces the amount of time the defendant stalls on your case to make you incur more legal fees. Many plaintiffs are able to receive adequate attention on their cases. Luckily, there is a cash advance system that makes sure that you will not be a victim of the system.

Applying for pre-settlement funding is simple. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with your information. Your case will be subject to approval depending on whether or not you meet certain criteria. Your case must fall within certain legal topics and you must live in a state or territory where they allow pre-settlement funding.

If you get approval, you will get a phone call or other type of correspondence informing you of the amount that you have been qualified for. The amounts of these loans typically vary case-by-case. Your lawyer will become involved after LightHouse Legal has your file. Both you and your lawyer have to sign a document that details the agreement by the company. You can receive the cash advance in as little as 48 hours or wait about as long as a week.

The best part of pre-settlement funding is that you do not have to pay your loan back until you hear back about your suit! Apply today if you need it. Request another pre-settlement loan if it becomes necessary.

The Pros and Cons of Lawsuit Cash Advances

What is a lawsuit cash advance? This is money given to a plaintiff in a lawsuit as a cash advance with an expectation that this money will be paid back to the lender when the plaintiff’s personal injury case settles. How is this possible? This is possible by means of using non-recourse funding. This is a form of financing that is used by many companies today and it provides little risk to the plaintiff. What the lender must be aware of is if this income is not sufficient to cover payments related to interest and principal, the lender will sustain a loss.

If the plaintiff wins his or her lawsuit, then they are only required to pay back the money that was borrowed and nothing else. If the plaintiff loses his or her case, they do not have to pay this money back. These lawsuit cash advances are used by people who have a huge amount of bills and not enough money coming in to pay these bills. This lawsuit cash advance can help you catch up with credit card payments, rent or mortgage payments. This cash advance allows you to buy more time during the litigation process which makes getting a lawsuit cash advance a great thing. It is always good for a plaintiff to think about what is being offered to them before making a hasty decision to accept a settlement.

Many insurance companies like to drag out personal injury cases to get the plaintiff to settle quickly for less money. The less money that they have to pay, the happier the insurance companies are. These insurance companies will do all that they can to get the plaintiff to take less money. This is why it is important for a lawsuit cash advance company to have an idea of what is at stake before vesting an interest in a plaintiff’s case. Many of these companies work directly with the plaintiff’s attorney so that the plaintiff can concentrate on their case. For anyone that is involved in a personal injury lawsuit and they are in need of money especially related to their personal injury, then a lawsuit cash advance might be something to consider.