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Consider Commercial Litigation with the Help of Lighthouse Legal

Commercial law, also known as business law, is concerned with matters that generally involve a financial transaction. As such, commercial law often deals with matters related to real estate contracts, business and personal finance, contracts for services, and secured debts such as home mortgages. If a dispute arises during the course of such transactions, and a mutually-satisfactory resolution to the dispute cannot be worked out, it may be necessary to obtain the services of a commercial litigation attorney.

The recent economic recession has, in part, caused a dramatic increase in commercial litigation in a number of areas, and if you need help with such litigation, Lighthouse Legal is there for you.

Real Estate Purchases and Home Mortgages

The downturn in the housing sector revealed that many homeowners had been lured into contracts such as balloon mortgages or variable rate housing loans by deliberate deception on the part of a lender. In many cases, consumers were sold property with an actual value far less than its supposed “market value.” Those having reason to believe that they were the victims of predatory lending or purchased a home at a value far in excess of its “real” value may want to consider commercial litigation to recoup their losses or to place themselves in a more advantageous financial position.

Personal and Consumer Finance

Some unscrupulous businesses will offer what appear to be very attractive interest rates or other incentives to consumers but, at the same time, will often “bury” additional financial charges or conditions that can add additional costs that the purchaser may be unaware of. In such cases, the purchaser may be forced into commercial litigation to relieve themselves of the unfair financial burden imposed by such agreements.


In addition to consumer purchase contracts, most of us have entered into contracts for things such as home improvements or services to be provided by another individual or a business. If the contractor fails to meet the terms of that contract, the other party can take legal action to force the contractor to fulfill their stated obligations. This is particularly true if the contractor deliberately misled the purchaser in matters such as quality of materials to be used or the contractor’s ability to deliver the services promised.

These are, of course, only general examples of what can be a serious breach of trust and legal duties. In all matters related to commercial law, the advice of a qualified attorney like those at Lighthouse Legal is essential when you are contemplating legal action to protect yourself against unfair or unethical business practices.

Litigation Funding from Lighthouse Legal

You have been injured or hurt in an automobile accident, and you hired an attorney to pursue a lawsuit for your injury. You are under the impression that you would automatically qualify for litigation funding, but you don’t! Even if you did qualify for litigation funding, how do you go about actually receiving an advance for pursuing the lawsuit?

Many law firms, including Lighthouse Legal, provide litigation funding for those who have been injured in an accident. In order to qualify for this funding, you must have been in an accident where you suffered injuries that have caused you pain and suffering. The injury or accident may have caused you to lose wages at work or have major medical bills. In order to receive litigation funding, there has to be a valid injury or loss to go ahead with the lawsuit and to receive litigation funding. If the accident or injury did not cause you pain and suffering, or if you did not lose wages or go to the doctor, it is not very likely that you would be able to go through with a lawsuit. Consequently, you would not be someone that is qualified for litigation funding.

To receive litigation funding, you have to first retain an attorney. No one will offer a loan if you don’t have an attorney who is representing you in the personal injury case. There are instances where a specialized attorney would be needed to handle your case. If it is a product liability case or a medical malpractice, or any kind of case that will require an expert testimony, it’s better to have an expert give you an opinion before seeking litigation funding.

There are three basic qualifications to receive litigation funding.

1. The accident that caused the injury was not your fault or it happened in a circumstance that did not find you at fault. Sometimes a police report will clarify who is at fault.

2. You must have an attorney retained who has already accepted your case.

3. You will need proof and records of injury from a doctor, or medical or hospital records. You will also need proof of loss of wages from your employer.

Applying for litigation funding is easy to do through a litigation funding company like Lighthouse Legal. You will first fill out an online application. Once your application is sent in, a representative will contact you to receive more information on your case. The funding company will send a request to receive information from your attorney so they can begin your case evaluation free of charge. Once your attorney submits the case documentation, your application will be sent to the underwriting department.

Normally, within the next 48 hours, the funding company can tell you the amount of advance they can give you. Once approved by underwriting, a funding contract will be drawn up for you and your attorney to sign. When the document is executed by both, the funding company will send your funds immediately.

If you think you might qualify for litigation funding, contact Lighthouse Legal today!

Learn About Pre Settlement Funding

Pre settlement funding is an advance that is given to people who are participating in a lawsuit. These advances can be given to pay off expenses and debts that the person may incur. Everyone knows that lawyers aren’t cheap, and lawsuits can become a financial burden for people without a boatload of money. This type of funding can be very useful to help people get through the tough times of a lengthy trial.

Once a person is done with their trial, they use the money that they won to pay back the cash advance that they got. This introduces some risk into the pre settlement funding procedure. If a company, like Lighthouse Legal Finance, is giving the advance out, they expect the plaintiff to win their case.

To that effect, pre settlement funding is a lot safer than a traditional loan because the repayment always comes out of the money awarded in court. It is not a loan, and the plaintiff has to win the court case to actually be responsible for repayment. While you may be charged a higher interest rate than with a bank loan, you also assume none of the rest. In the end, this matters so much more.

For the right people, pre settlement funding is a great way to get some cash in order to get out of a financial pinch. Learn more about pre settlement funding from one of our customer representatives today.

Reasons for a Lawsuit Cash Advance

Lawsuit cash advances are advances that are given on a pending lawsuit to a person involved in a lawsuit, even though the lawsuit has yet to be settled. This type of loan is provided by a lawsuit funding company, like Lighthouse Legal Finance, and is used to help those who are short on funds during the lengthy lawsuit process.

Many people find that they need a loan because of an increase in bills and obligations. For example, one may find that they have been hurt in an accident that was not their fault, and they have to be off of work because of the injury. Worker’s compensation and unemployment may not be enough to cover the cost of living, but because of the injury, another job is not an option.

A lawsuit cash advance, which is a non-recourse loan, can help the plaintiff with bills. The money may be used to pay the mortgage or rent, credit card or utility bills, groceries, gas and more. This type of loan only has to be paid back if you win your lawsuit and collect money, making it an excellent choice for those who have a lawsuit pending that they believe they can win.

If you’re in the middle of a legal proceeding and are in need of quick cash to help you survive during the interim, contact us today. We can help you find the money you need as you wait for justice to be served.