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How Lawsuit Funding Prevents Financial Loss during Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims and lengthy settlement cases can drain financial resources quickly. Our lawsuit funding program provides a financial solution for victims who are struggling to stay afloat while waiting for a settlement check.

The Damaging Financial Effects of Personal Injury

Debilitating injury and financial problems go hand and hand for most victims. Even if a plaintiff has proven their claim, settlement payments can take a considerable amount of time to be processed. While forced to take time off work and seek medical care, bills can pile up quickly.

Because of lost wages, new medical expenses and growing household debts, waiting for a settlement can result in a downward spiral toward bankruptcy. If a personal injury has put you in a hole that seems impossible to climb out of, our services can provide the financial ladder that you need to get back on track.

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How Lawsuit Funding Works

If receiving a settlement is just a matter of time, we can improve your financial situation by providing all or part of the money that you’re entitled to.

These resources can be used to pay for the general costs of living, outstanding debts or to take the settlement claim further to secure a larger payment. Having received settlement funding through our program, you’re only required to repay the advance after you’ve settled the case successfully.

With the financial assistance of lawsuit funding, you can have the time and resources that are needed while the case is being actively disputed.

Protecting Assets and Personal Property

If you’re waiting for a personal injury settlement without active income, our advance can be used to protect valuable assets from seizure or repossession. With this assistance, you will never have to worry about being kicked out of your home or losing your car because you can’t afford payments.

While you continue to wait on a settlement, bills will be steadily piling up. From mortgage payments and car notes to utility bills and living expenses, lawsuit funding will allow you to live comfortably until the settlement check arrives in the mail.

Discrimination Against Physically and Mentally Disabled on the Rise

Whether it’s workplace or legal, discrimination against the physically and mentally disabled is on the rise. A recent lawsuit in Pennsylvania included a man who was fired from his job due to a debilitating medical condition. In the case, the Pennsylvania man was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was allegedly fired from Akorn Inc., an international pharmaceutical company, last month due to his medical condition. Mark Stahmann claims in the lawsuit that he was fired four days after he notified the company he had a “very serious medical condition” that would require him taking time off for medical testing and treatment, according to a complaint filed last week in Superior Court in Somerville. “The plaintiff was a highly regarded employee at Akorn and his personnel record reflects consistent and sustained exemplary reviews,” the lawsuit reads. “The true reason for his termination was the plaintiff’s age, disability, perceived disability, and taking medical leave.”

Discrimination Against Physically and Mentally Disabled on the Rise

Another class-act lawsuit involving legal discrimination of the mentally ill involves a case where hundreds of mentally ill inmates in Pennsylvania languished for months and even years in isolated cells. This federal lawsuit accused state prison officials of punishing the mentally ill for head-banging, hallucinations, and other psychotic behaviors instead of getting them the medical care needed. Similar lawsuits were filed across the country in recent years, in states including Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico.

Unfortunately, such cases are not uncommon. More and more lawsuits are being filed due to discrimination and mistreatment of the physically and mentally disabled. Because many of the plaintiffs often find themselves out of work, it can be difficult to carry on such lawsuits and plaintiffs often find themselves settling with the defendant in order to receive their settlement. However, if you find yourself in a similar position, you should keep in mind that there is help out there available to you such as lawsuit funding to you can receive the settlement you deserve.

Workplace and legal discrimination due to someone’s physical or mental state is illegal and it’s important to find the legal help you need if you feel you’ve been discriminated against.

Funding Commercial Litigation with a Lawsuit Loan

Commercial litigation is a broad term used to identify disputes and controversies involving business-related issues that end up on court. It comprises everything from cases involving a breach of contract and shareholder derivative suits to disputes between owners or partners of a business enterprise.

Why Business Disputes Often End in Court:

There are a number of reasons that business disputes often end up being relegated to a court of law, one of the most common of which is that there is money involved. People are much less apt to compromise when money is at stake, and the more money there is, the more impact it will have on the company in question if it is lost.

Commercial or business-based disputes frequently involve complex issues and conflicting facts. A skilled attorney is needed to appropriately advocate for a company or individual involved in such a dispute. The complex information can only be clearly understood through the dispassionate intervention of and the right attorney and a fair judge.

Emotion is another reason that business disputes often result in litigation. In the end, sentiment in commercial interactions and transactions simply cannot be downplayed. People care about nothing as passionately (outside of their family) as their vested business, professional or commercial interests.

How Lawsuit Funding Can Help

Commercial litigation can be a costly endeavor and in some cases, a business or individual does not have the ready cash necessary to pursue or defend against these matters in court. In such situations, people can apply for a lawsuit loan to aid in funding a case to protect their legal rights and interests. These funds can help the company pay for the attorney or, in the case of an individual fighting a commercial entity, pay for the person’s living expenses until they have received a settlement.

Under the terms and conditions of a lawsuit loan, the debt is satisfied or paid off from the proceeds of the commercial litigation. In other words, a company or person that receives a settlement can pay back the loan amount from the funds; if no settlement is awarded, the plaintiff owes nothing. Considering the cost and other negative effects of litigation, having a financial support system in place is incredibly important and lawsuit funding is a convenient and low-risk option.

How Law Firm Funding Can Help You

Law firm funding, also known as an attorney loan is an advancement made to help fund an ongoing personal injury case and is used to help pay for expenses on the case such as expert witnesses. Law firm funding has become very popular over the past few years due to the increase in the number of cases in the U.S. Before law firm funding was made available, many people turned to credit cards and personal loans when suffering financially from personal injuries. Oftentimes, the plaintiffs involved in personal injury cases cannot make an income and don’t have much credit available, making legal funding a great choice for them.

Oftentimes legal funding has a lower rate of interest than a fee credit credit card out there and is non-recourse. You can help your clients with law firm funding. Consider the following questions when considering an attorney loan:

• Do your clients often ask about litigation funding to get by until they receive their settlement money?
• Are your clients pressuring you often to settle too quickly so they can receive their settlement payment?
• Have premature settlements caused you to lose money?

If you’re looking to save time and money, this might be the right answer for you and your clients. When taking advantage of law firm funding, you will have more time to build your case for a larger settlement – we just need to approve your client.

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Personal Injury Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Generally, plaintiffs who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit will receive a settlement. However, in order to reach that settlement, it’s important to have the funds necessary to fund your lawsuit. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many plaintiffs find themselves out of work due to their injury, they often find themselves in a financial bind when it comes to funding their lawsuit which is where pre settlement funding comes into play.

Lighthouse Legal can provide legal funding to the following types of personal injury lawsuits: construction negligence, dog bites, employment discrimination, FELA, general negligence, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, motor vehicle and passenger injury, nursing home malpractice, pedestrian injury, pharmaceutical litigation, premises negligence, product liability, trucking, wrongful death, and many more. Pre settlement funding is also known as a settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance. You can use your pre settlement funding to help pay for health care expenses, car or mortgage payments, or other expenses in your life to help you get through your lawsuit.

Pre settlement funding is provided before there is a verdict in the case and the word “loan” can be misleading – if you don’t win your case for whatever reason, there is no obligation to pay back your settlement loan. If you believe you are entitled to an injury settlement, but are not involved in a legal proceeding yet, it’s important to contact a lawyer for legal information.

Questions about pre settlement funding on a personal injury lawsuit? Contact Lighthouse Legal today toll free at (800) 767-2274.