$6.5 million award for victims of Chicago police car accident

The Chicago City Council Finance Committee has approved a $6.5 million settlement in the case of two children hit by an unmarked police car in 2004, The Chicago Tribune reports. Lawsuit loans can often be obtained to help defray the cost of litigation for those seeking damages related to car accidents.

According to The Tribune, 8-year-old Gregory Jones and 11-year-old Datondra Mitchell were crossing a street in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago when they were hit by a police car driven by Officer Mark Delboccio. Jones died two days after the accident, and Mitchell suffered a fractured skull and temporary hearing loss.

A Law Department explanation of the case said Delboccio was involved in a pursuit at the time of the collision, The Tribune reports. According to the news source, Delboccio said he saw a man in a vehicle point a gun at a pedestrian and began a pursuit with his lights flashing and siren on. But Delboccio’s superior later said the officer never obtained permission to engage in a chase, and no witnesses corroborated that Delboccio was following another car.

If the settlement is approved by the full city council in a vote later this week, the Tribune says Mitchell will receive $590,000 and Jones’s family will get the balance of damages.

Earlier this month, the Rome News-Tribune reported a $6 million lawsuit was filed by the family of a 5-year-old girl killed in an accident that occurred during the course of a high-speed police chase.

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