Accident kills two children, prompts lawsuit

Edward Thomas, who was a passenger in a minivan that flipped three times after sideswiping another vehicle on the Ohio Turnpike, has sued the driver of the minivan, reports the Lorain County Chronicle-Telegram. Individuals can often secure legal loans to help defray the cost of lawsuits related to car accidents.

According to the Chronicle-Telegram, 31-year-old Setita Patrick was driving a Kia Sedona on the Ohio Turnpike on July 29, 2009, when she hit a PT Cruiser driven by Jose Arzuaga. The Sedona, which police say was traveling between 88 and 103 miles per hour, flipped over several times. Patrick’s 5-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter were thrown from the vehicle and killed. Her 5-month-old son was also ejected but survived. Police investigators said none of the kids was wearing a seat belt.

Patrick told police she fell asleep at the wheel.

Thomas’s lawsuit alleges he suffered injuries in the accident and has experienced post-traumatic stress, according to the Chronicle-Telegram. He is seeking $25,000 in damages.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows 1,108 children between 5 and 15 years old died in accidents in 2009.

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