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Client Service: Lawsuit Cash Advance

If you’ve taken on a client who has applied for a lawsuit cash advance, you may have some questions.  And that’s understandable. You may wish to inquire about the status of an application or need to know more details on the funding agreement.

At LightHouse Legal Finance, we like to keep an open door. To contact us directly, please use one of the links below.

E-mail your request to:

Status of cases that have been funded, questions/concerns: servicing@LightHouseLegal.com

Call or Fax your request to:

Toll Free Phone: 1-800-SOS-CASH
Fax: 1-267-569-7077

Additional Lawsuit Funding:

If your client needs additional funding, we welcome you or your client contact us with these updates. Lighthouse may be able to offer further lawsuit funding on the same case to a plaintiff who has already received initial funding.