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Lawsuit Funding for Car Accidents

Car accidents can hurt you in a few different ways. They can, obviously, hurt you physically.  They can hurt you emotionally. And they can hurt you financially.

If you were injured in an accident, there’s a chance you could be expecting a settlement.  However, like most legal processes, obtaining the settlement from a car accident can take a while.

And while getting that settlement will be nice, we understand that people often need money now.  Whether it’s to fund the case itself or to pay off some bills and other household expenses, some people need the money from their settlement sooner rather than later.

This is where lawsuit funding can help.

With lawsuit funding (known as accident lawsuit loans even though they are not technically loans) on the settlement of the car accident case, you can get financial relief that you are looking for.

We say they aren’t really loans because there’s no risk. “Accident lawsuit funding” is the correct term for this financial relief because it is not actually a loan. Unlike a loan, you repay the money only if you win the lawsuit resulting from the car accident.

Lighthouse Legal Finance has the resources to provide accident lawsuit funding. You can pay your bills and allow your lawyer to work on your car accident lawsuit to his or her full potential. Furthermore, you won’t be forced to accept a low out of court offer to settle the truck accident case.

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