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Asbestos Lawsuit – Mesothelioma Lawsuit Financing

Case Type: Asbestos Litigation

Are you waiting for a settlement from asbestos litigation soon, but need cash to pay your bills NOW…

In as little as 24 hours you’ll have FAST cash funding of $500 to $250,000 – and repay only if you win your asbestos litigation.

Are you in a cash crisis waiting for your asbestos litigation to reconcile? Even if you are triumphant you may lose because the money could prove to be too little too late to make a difference. But cash funding on your asbestos litigation can take the anxiety off of you.

And there’s absolutely no risk to you! You pay the money back to Lighthouse Legal only if you win your asbestos litigation!

The reality is, asbestos litigation can take much time to settle because each case must be researched and acknowledged. If you’re suffering mesothelioma, you may have rising medical costs that you have to pay, as well as household bills. Even if you have a first-rate lawyer, and an outstanding chance of winning your asbestos litigation you may still have to wait.

Lighthouse Legal is backed by institutional investors with lots of cash. We’re able to give you cash funding so you can take care of the bills and your lawyer can do what’s necessary to bring your asbestos litigation to a triumphant resolution. Let us lighten the financial pressure while your asbestos litigation (mesothelioma lawsuit) moves through the legal system.

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