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Plane Crash Lawsuit Funding
Case Type: Aviation Litigation

If you’re waiting for a settlement from a plane crash lawsuit, but need cash NOW to pay your bills…

In as little as 24 hours you’ll have FAST cash funding of $500 to $250,000 – and repay only if you win your plane crash lawsuit.

The reality about plane crash lawsuits is that they are very problematical and can take years to be resolved. If you suffered a serious injury that has kept you home from work or you lost a loved one who supported the family, you and your family could be under a lot of financial and emotional difficulty. Cash funding can make things easier while waiting for a settlement from your plane crash lawsuit.

There’s no risk! You only repay us if you win your plane crash lawsuit and receive your settlement.

It’s an unlucky truth of plane crash lawsuits. You can have a strong plane crash lawsuit and an outstanding lawyer, but with investigations by the administration to determine the cause, the legal process is drawn out. Without cash funding, you may have no option but to accept whatever settlement is presented for your plane crash lawsuit.

Lighthouse Legal is backed by big institutional funds. With cash funding your lawyer can work your plane crash lawsuit correctly. And you won’t have to accept an unjust settlement from your plane crash lawsuit (aviation litigation).

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