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Lawsuit Funding for Construction Negligence

Think about a construction site.  The place is riddled with piercing as well as blunt objects. From hammers to nail guns, there are plenty of ways to injure yourself on a construction site. And sometimes these accidents aren’t your fault, in which case you may be entitled to a settlement.

However, while you may be justly entitled to a settlement, you typically must endure litigation to get there.  More times than not, this involves a long, drawn-out lawsuit, which can cost money.  So, it’s important that you have the finances to fund this process.

Between lawyers and other bills, you might find yourself in a financial bind. Luckily, with companies like LightHouse Legal, you can obtain lawsuit funding.

In as little as 24 hours, you can receive funding of $500 to $100,000 and repay only if you win your construction litigation settlement. This means there is zero risk to you!

Although Workers’ Compensation applies to a lot of job situations, your lawyer may have chosen construction litigation if you were hurt as the result of construction negligence or fault. Unfortunately, regardless of how prepared and experienced your lawyer is, construction litigation can take a long time. Furthermore, you may have been out of work and might not be able to resume your regular job. And the defendant could have lots of money for legal expenses and be in no rush to settle the construction litigation.

With lawsuit funding from Lighthouse Legal, you get the advantage of lots of money yourself since we’re backed by institutional funds. We can lighten the financial strain so you won’t have to accept a low settlement from construction litigation resulting from construction negligence.

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