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Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Funding
Case Type: Employment Discrimination

Do you need cash NOW to pay your bills while you wait for a settlement from employment discrimination?

In as little as 24 hours you can have FAST cash funding of $500 to $100,000 and repay only if you win your employment discrimination case.

Waiting for a settlement from your employment discrimination can place you in a financial jam. Even if you end up victorious you may be defeated if you get too little money, too late! With cash funding on your employment discrimination settlement, you can get aid from financial and emotional pressure.

There’s no risk! With Lighthouse Legal only if win your employment discrimination do you repay the money!

Even with a strong case and a great attorney, it can take a long time for your employment discrimination to get past the legal system. Bills may be piling up if you are out of work and have filed a wrongful discharge lawsuit. This could require you to settle your employment discrimination out of court for less than you warrant.

Funding can acquire you the time you want to see your employment discrimination through (including age discrimination, sexual harassment and other discrimination cases). Since Lighthouse Legal is backed by large institutional funds, we can give you cash funding so you can pay critical bills and your lawyer can keep working on your employment discrimination.

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