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FELA Litigation: Lawsuit Funding for Railroad Injury

While FELA is designed to protect railroad workers, injuries still happen. Of course, some of these injuries are due to the nature of the job. However, some of these injuries result from carelessness or error under FELA’s part.

If you believe you’ve suffered a railroad injury due to negligence, you may very well be entitled to a settlement.  Unfortunately, even with a well-prepared, experienced lawyer on your side, a railroad injury lawsuit can be long and drawn-out process.

During that process, you may be out of work, and potentially unable to continue your normal job.  So until your settlement, you’ll be left fending for yourself to pay off everything from lawyer fees to medical bills.

Luckily, with companies like LightHouse Legal, you don’t have to face this alone.  With the help of a lawsuit loan, you’ll be able to fund your legal fees as well as your medical expenses.

The best part is, while we call it a lawsuit loan, it’s not actually a loan at all.  You only repay us if you win, leaving you with zero risk!

Lighthouse Legal has almost unlimited institutional funds on hand. We can present you cash funding so you can pay bills while your lawyer keeps working on your FELA railroad injury lawsuit. And you won’t feel pressured to take an unreasonable offer to settle your FELA railroad injury lawsuit.

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