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Fen Phen Lawsuits Funding
Case Type: Fen-Phen Drug Litigation

If you’re expecting a settlement from Fen-Phen drug litigation but need cash for medical bills or personal expenses NOW…

In as little as 24 hours you can have FAST cash funding of $500 to $100,000 and repay only if you win your drug litigation.

It’s heartbreaking, but true. You may lose out even if you win your Fen-Phen drug litigation, because too little money comes in too late! But with cash funding on your drug litigation settlement, you lessen the financial and emotional strain on you and your family.

And there’s no risk! None what so ever. You compensate the funds back only if you win your Fen-Phen drug litigation!

Drug litigation cases can take a lot of time to settle, which is especially upsetting if you’re ill now or not at work. You can have an excellent chance of winning your drug litigation and a great lawyer, but you still have to go through the long legal ordeal to prove your case. Without cash funding for bills you may have to take a drug litigation settlement offer for less than you should.

Lighthouse Legal has almost unlimited funding from large institutional investors so we have the money to give you funding. Your lawyer can continue working the drug litigation properly. And you can pay your bills and have the breathing room you need to wait for a fair drug litigation settlement.

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