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Lawsuit Funding for Pedestrian Injury

When we think of car accidents, we tend to think of car-to-car collisions, or maybe car-to-tree/pole. One of the most dangerous types of accidents, however, involves pedestrians.  Even a car slow moving car can cause irreparable damage to a pedestrian.
If you’ve been injured in a similar accident, you may very well be entitled to a settlement.  Unfortunately, though, like most legal processes, pedestrian injury lawsuits can take months, even years, to reach a settlement.  This leaves you footing the bill on medical expenses and lawyer fees while you wait for your settlement.

Luckily, with companies like LightHouse Legal, you can obtain the funding you need to make sure you get the settlement you deserve.  Our lawsuit loans, allow your lawyer to work the case as best as possible without putting you in a financial bind.
Now, when we say lawsuit loan, we don’t actually mean loan.  With this type of lawsuit funding, you only repay us if you win. This means you take on zero risk!

Lighthouse Legal is backed by the resources of large institutional funds. With cash funding, you can pay your bills and your lawyer can work your pedestrian injury case properly. Let us help relieve the financial pressure while you wait for a just personal injury settlement for your pedestrian injury.

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