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Nursing Home Malpractice Lawsuit Funding
Case Type: Nursing Home Litigation

Are you waiting for a settlement in a nursing home lawsuit, but need money immediately to pay your bills?

In as little as 24 hours you can have FAST cash funding of $500 to $100,000 – and repay only if you win your nursing home lawsuit.

A nursing home lawsuit on behalf of a loved one can be a drawn out legal process, even if you have a tremendous case. That puts economic and emotional stress on you, your loved one and the entire family while you wait for the nursing home lawsuit to be resolved.

Waiting for a settlement in your nursing home lawsuit can be made easier with cash funding.

And there’s no risk! None what so ever. You only pay us back if you win your nursing home lawsuit.

The family often needs money to pay certain medical bills and other expenses after filing a nursing home lawsuit. A nursing home lawsuit takes time even with a good lawyer and clear proof of neglect or abuse. With cash funding from Lighthouse Legal, you can get money now so you don’t have to settle the nursing home lawsuit too early for too little.

Lighthouse Legal Finance is backed by large institutional funds. We can relieve the financial pressure and stress so your lawyer has the time to pursue your nursing home lawsuit (nursing home litigation) properly.

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