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Structured Settlement Funding

Is your insurance company’s payment plan too slow or too little? Lighthouse can get you the cash you need now!

Lighthouse Structured Settlement Funding provides you the ability to get a lump sum check, in many cases in as little as 60-90 days!

Lighthouse Legal Finance offers opportunities that are straightforward and can help nearly every circumstance. If you only have an immediate necessity for a small amount of money, we can purchase a segment of your payments. The amount of payments you would like to sell is entirely up to you!

Lighthouse structured settlement funding is the secure and economical way to get the money you need now!

Getting a credit card with an extremely high limit to live off of is always an option, but what will happen when you don’t have the funds to make the monthly payment? No one wants a lifetime of bad credit!

Another option is a secure loan from a bank. However, this isn’t going to be easy unless you have the collateral to back the loan, and it also comes with the hassle of another lending institution nipping at your heels.

Wouldn’t you rather save your family member the burden of having to loan you the money? There is no need for any of these with Lighthouse!

Let Lighthouse Help You The Simple Way!

At lighthouse we have established relationships with insurance companies and other professionals in this business to help expedite your transaction. The contracting procedure is easy and straightforward. We first collect some basic information from you such as your insurance provider, state, and annuity payment amounts. Following this we will assess you a quote at no charge! Next, we will continue to contracting, and finally we will handle your order in accordance with your state and federal laws.

Why Were Different

  • We will give you a competitive rate on your annuity
  • Lighthouse Legal Finance will handle all of the filing fees for you

The amount your quoted is the check you’ll receive… Guaranteed!!!