Learn About the Lawsuit Loan Approval Process

Lawsuits can become extremely expensive and even when you expect a large settlement, it typically takes a nice chunk of change to get there. Lawsuit loans are a great way to receive the settlement you’re expected to get ahead of time, which you can use to fight your lawsuit. With a lawsuit cash advance, you can receive your money up-front – there’s no catch. The best part is that if you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay the lender back. Lighthouse Legal offers finance services to help ease the financial stress of a lawsuit.

The lawsuit loan approval process is short and simple. It’s free to apply and you can start your application for pre-settlement funding by filling out our online application or calling us toll-free at 1-800-SOS-CASH.

Lawsuit Loan Approval Process
After submitting an application with Lighthouse Legal, either by phone or online, the approval process begins immediately. Most of the process will take place between Lighthouse Legal and your lawyer but you will receive a copy of our request so you can follow up with your lawyer.

We will ask for copies of one or more of the following from your lawyer in order to assist us in the approval process:
• Attorney-client retainer agreement
• Police, accident, or incident report
• Proof of defendant’s insurance coverage
• Summary of medical bills to date
• Other materials that are required for your specific case and legal help

It’s safe to say that the approval process is a fairly quick procedure, so you don’t have to worry about waiting to be approved. The sooner you apply, the sooner you may be able to get pre-settlement funding for your lawsuit.

Reasons for a Lawsuit Cash Advance

Lawsuit cash advances are advances that are given on a pending lawsuit to a person involved in a lawsuit, even though the lawsuit has yet to be settled. This type of loan is provided by a lawsuit funding company, like Lighthouse Legal Finance, and is used to help those who are short on funds during the lengthy lawsuit process.

Many people find that they need a loan because of an increase in bills and obligations. For example, one may find that they have been hurt in an accident that was not their fault, and they have to be off of work because of the injury. Worker’s compensation and unemployment may not be enough to cover the cost of living, but because of the injury, another job is not an option.

A lawsuit cash advance, which is a non-recourse loan, can help the plaintiff with bills. The money may be used to pay the mortgage or rent, credit card or utility bills, groceries, gas and more. This type of loan only has to be paid back if you win your lawsuit and collect money, making it an excellent choice for those who have a lawsuit pending that they believe they can win.

If you’re in the middle of a legal proceeding and are in need of quick cash to help you survive during the interim, contact us today. We can help you find the money you need as you wait for justice to be served.

Settlement Loans: How they Work

A settlement loan can be applied for by anyone that has a settlement case pending in court. There are two types of settlement loans: pre-settlement and post-settlement; the first is given to those who have a legal case that is in process and has not yet reached a verdict. A post-settlement loan is one in which the verdict has been reached but is under appeal. Either way, the settlement loan represents money that is loaned based upon the amount of the settlement that is projected to be granted to the plaintiff. In general, the amount of the loan will be ten percent of the projected payout.

The way the loan works is that an application is filled out, after which, it is reviewed by an attorney to determine the chances of a favorable monetary judgment and the amount that it will be. If the loan is approved, the applicant will receive the money. Once the court case is completed and an award has been granted to the plaintiff, the money will be paid back in full, plus additional fees for the loan. If, for some reason, no money was received by the plaintiff, then they do not have to pay back the loan. The risk is taken by the lender on the calculation that the money will awarded to the plaintiff. These loans are not provided with any requirements for collateral and as such, take the form of a cash advance.

Personal injury cases are the most common for settlement loan approval because most cases involving injury are well-documented and the lawsuits often concern the amount of money that the plaintiff should be awarded and not whether an award should be given at all. These suits include injuries from car accidents, in the workplace, or sustained on private property such as that of a business. There are many possibilities.

There are other types of cases that do not involve an injury that may also qualify for a loan, and an individual can inquire as to whether their case is eligible for a cash advance. Depending on the likelihood of payment, there are many cases that might qualify for a settlement loan and applying is the only way to tell.

LightHouse Financial Can Give You Lawsuit Cash Advances Quickly

If you have a pending lawsuit and mounting bills, you probably need lawsuit cash advances right away. Usually lawsuits stem from injuries and accidents that result in medical and various other bills. Those bills are going to come regardless of the status of your lawsuit. That’s why you can look to LightHouse Financial for all the financial help you need on time, before the bills are due.

If your bills are quickly becoming overdue or delinquent then we can help you out. We’re available across the country (Lawsuit Funding Not Available in Colorado, Kansas, Maryland, or North Carolina) at all times of the day. The best thing is we can get you the money you need within 24 to 48 hours from the time of your request.

We can process your claim quickly through the phone or on our website. All you need to do is provide your name number and email. Then add the state you’re in, the lawsuit type and the requested amount of money you need. Finally, add your attorney’s name and the law firm’s number. Our staff will then process all the information about your lawsuit.

So with our speedy response we can offer you lawsuit funding from $500 to $500,000. With a lump sum of money now you can pay off your bills while you wait for the lengthy court process. So get all your needed lawsuit cash advances within two days of sending in a request to Lighthouse Financial.  This way you won’t have to worry about falling behind on your bills.

Driver of tractor-trailer sued for wrongful death

A car accident lawsuit has been filed against the driver of a semi-truck which collided with a vehicle and killed a man, reports the Telegraph Herald. Many people who file such cases use legal loans from lawsuit advance providers to help them fund their cases.

The family of Mark Kerper filed the suit against driver John Bahl and the vehicle’s owner, Russell Bahl. Kerper died when his car was allegedly hit by a trailer that had become unhitched from the semi-tractor trailer pulling it.

According to the lawsuit, John Bahl is responsible for Kerper’s death because he was negligent while operating the vehicle and failed to make sure the connection between the two trailers was secure.

Both men do not deny they are liable for damages, but they claim the accusations of negligence are false. Unless a settlement is made, the case is reportedly expected to be heard by a trial jury within the next year.

The amount of damages was not included in the news report, but Kerper’s wife said, “It’s not about money for us. It won’t bring my husband back.”

Former ambulance driver files suit against New Mexico company and driver in fatal crash

A former ambulance driver has filed a lawsuit against the company and the driver of a car that were involved in a fatal crash on Interstate 25 in New Mexico last year. Those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and are thinking about filing a similar lawsuit may want to seek presettlement funding to help finance the cost of litigation.

The Associated Press reports that 19-year-old Vanessa Carrillo filed suit against Rocky Mountain EMS after the ambulance she was driving was hit by a wrong way driver near Santa Fe.

According to the news agency, Carrillo’s lawsuit also names the driver of the car, Kylene Holmes, and a passenger, Jennifer Belvin, as defendants. The suit contends that both women were under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the time of the accident in December 2010. Holmes reportedly was killed in the crash, Belvin was injured.

The lawsuit claims the ambulance company was negligent in its upkeep of the airbags in the emergency response vehicle. Carrillo reportedly suffered serious injuries in the crash, including a number of broken bones, when the airbags did not deploy in the head-on wreck.

Carrillo is seeking payment for all damages and medical costs.

Alabama state trooper on trial for collision

An Athens, Alabama state trooper is being brought to trial due to a fatal motor vehicle accident that occurred on April 25, according to the News Courier. Individuals who have suffered injuries or the death of a loved one because of a collision or car accident may be able to obtain legal funding to help finance litigation.

Jaime and Sarah Rene Gosset were killed in a collision with state trooper Heath Moss on Lucas Ferry road in Athens. Moss was responding to a car accident as a back up officer and was allegedly driving at a reckless speed where the limit was 45. The defendant’s vehicle rear ended the Gosset’s vehicle, pushing them into a field with the impact.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that over 15,000 of the deaths that occurred in 2008 were a result of motor vehicle collisions.

A request was made by Joshua Derek Morgan, representative of the estate of Jaime Gosset to preserve evidence before the trial. Among the things listed are the black box data from Moss’s vehicle, relevant video footage as well as drug and alcohol tests.

Plaintiffs who have a lawsuit because of the careless at the hands of law enforce agency may wish to seek lawsuit funding to obtain the money they need to get by while their case is being settled. Legal funding, provided by Lighthouse Legal Finance, provides this money fast and at the lowest rates around. With lawsuit funding, Lighthouse Legal can rescue you.

Bus driver sued for reckless driving

A tour bus driver in Utah is being sued for a bus crash that claimed the lives of four Japanese tourists, according to The Associated Press. Individuals who have suffered from injuries that were the result of a motor vehicle accident may be able to obtain lawsuit funding, which could help them to finance a trial.

The media outlet reports that Yasuhi Mikuni was driving a tour bus transporting 14 Japanese citizens on a four-day trip around Utah’s national parks. Between Zion National Park and Canyon National park ,the bus rolled over. The suit was filed by Hideo and Akemi Hayase, parents of deceased, Hiroki Hayase,

Reportedly, the defendant was running on seven hours of sleep and energy drinks to get him through the tour after flying from Las Vegas. Mikuni was also found to have traces of marijuana in his system, which could have impaired his driving.

The plaintiffs’ claim that in addition to their son’s death, they and their daughter suffered injuries. Akemi’s injuries have left him a paraplegic. The family is seeking financial damages for funeral costs, medical bills, pain and suffering.

The U.S. Census Bureau states that in 2008 there were approximately 39,000 deaths that were the result of motor vehicle accidents.

People who are suing a commercial vehicle driver, such as a bus company make turn to lawsuit funding for the money they may need while their lawyers works to settle their case. These lawsuit loans, as they are commonly referred to, able to get by day to day while they are out of work with out ruining their credit. Best of all, these lawsuit loans come at no risk, since if you lose your case, you owe nothing. With lawsuit funding, Lighthouse Legal Finance can rescue you.