Grocery store settles slip and fall claim

HEB Grocery settled a slip and fall lawsuit that alleged the store was responsible for a Texas resident’s injuries, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Individuals who have suffered from injuries that are the result of a fall may be able to obtain a personal injury lawsuit loan to help fund a trial.

The news source reports that Earlene Steward slipped on a puddle of liquid outside the door of HEB Grocery, and alleges that the store was negligent and responsible for her injuries. HEB initially denied the claims and held the plaintiff responsible for her own safety, and suggested that a third party may have been responsible.

The plaintiff suffered from injuries to her wrists, spine, back and shoulder, and claims that the wet floor was a hazard to customers, according to the media outlet.

On April 14, 2011, a mediator filed a letter stating that the parties had settled the dispute, however as of May 16, a settlement was still not on file.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 37 percent of workplace slips and falls result in back injuries

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