Houston woman files car accident lawsuit

Mian Wang, a Houston woman, has filed a car accident lawsuit against a man who allegedly crashed into her vehicle with his own.

The lawsuit claims that Micheal Copeland struck Wang’s vehicle from behind on a Texas road. It is also alleged that Copeland was not carrying a driver’s license at the time of the crash, the Southeast Texas Record reports.

Wang’s lawsuit alleges that the crash resulted in Wang suffering “injury and property damages,” and that Wang did not do anything that might have contributed to the accident taking place, the news source reports.

Copeland is accused of not moderating his speed and driving a motor vehicle without a license. According to the news provider, the lawsuit also points out that the vehicle did not belong to Copeland, but rather to local resident Guillermo Taylor, who is being accused of negligent entrustment in the suit. Copeland is being accused of negligence.

Wang seeks an unspecified sum in monetary damages.

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