How Lawsuit Funding Prevents Financial Loss during Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims and lengthy settlement cases can drain financial resources quickly. Our lawsuit funding program provides a financial solution for victims who are struggling to stay afloat while waiting for a settlement check.

The Damaging Financial Effects of Personal Injury

Debilitating injury and financial problems go hand and hand for most victims. Even if a plaintiff has proven their claim, settlement payments can take a considerable amount of time to be processed. While forced to take time off work and seek medical care, bills can pile up quickly.

Because of lost wages, new medical expenses and growing household debts, waiting for a settlement can result in a downward spiral toward bankruptcy. If a personal injury has put you in a hole that seems impossible to climb out of, our services can provide the financial ladder that you need to get back on track.

Image of injured man in a waiting room.

How Lawsuit Funding Works

If receiving a settlement is just a matter of time, we can improve your financial situation by providing all or part of the money that you’re entitled to.

These resources can be used to pay for the general costs of living, outstanding debts or to take the settlement claim further to secure a larger payment. Having received settlement funding through our program, you’re only required to repay the advance after you’ve settled the case successfully.

With the financial assistance of lawsuit funding, you can have the time and resources that are needed while the case is being actively disputed.

Protecting Assets and Personal Property

If you’re waiting for a personal injury settlement without active income, our advance can be used to protect valuable assets from seizure or repossession. With this assistance, you will never have to worry about being kicked out of your home or losing your car because you can’t afford payments.

While you continue to wait on a settlement, bills will be steadily piling up. From mortgage payments and car notes to utility bills and living expenses, lawsuit funding will allow you to live comfortably until the settlement check arrives in the mail.

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