How You Can Use a Settlement Loan

A settlement loan from LightHouse Legal is unlike any other loan; in fact it’s not like a loan at all. It’s a non-recourse loan which is a predetermined lump sum of cash that doesn’t have to be paid back unless you win the settlement.

Since this is a low-risk, no-interest loan you can pretty much use the lump sum of money for any bill you need to pay off. We all know that medical bills can get quite expensive and get out of hand quickly. Just a few days stay in a hospital can send you back a couple thousand dollars back. But with the loan you can pay those bills off.

Or maybe you need help to pay off your car payments or insurance because you were in an accident? The bills aren’t going to go away. Or maybe you fall behind on your mortgage or rent because of an accident or a pending lawsuit. You don’t want to lose the roof over your head, so keep up with your payments by using a settlement loan from LightHouse Legal.

By applying for a settlement loan through us, you are getting LightHouse Legal best price guarantee. You get all the money you need without the hassle or the long delay, unlike the long, drawn out court process.

So stop worrying about making your monthly bills. Don’t lose your good credit, your car or even your home. Make sure you have to money when you need it thanks to a LightHouse Legal settlement loan.

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