Personal Injury Settlement Lawsuit Funding

Generally, plaintiffs who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit will receive a settlement. However, in order to reach that settlement, it’s important to have the funds necessary to fund your lawsuit. Unfortunately, due to the fact that many plaintiffs find themselves out of work due to their injury, they often find themselves in a financial bind when it comes to funding their lawsuit which is where pre settlement funding comes into play.

Lighthouse Legal can provide legal funding to the following types of personal injury lawsuits: construction negligence, dog bites, employment discrimination, FELA, general negligence, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, motor vehicle and passenger injury, nursing home malpractice, pedestrian injury, pharmaceutical litigation, premises negligence, product liability, trucking, wrongful death, and many more. Pre settlement funding is also known as a settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance. You can use your pre settlement funding to help pay for health care expenses, car or mortgage payments, or other expenses in your life to help you get through your lawsuit.

Pre settlement funding is provided before there is a verdict in the case and the word “loan” can be misleading – if you don’t win your case for whatever reason, there is no obligation to pay back your settlement loan. If you believe you are entitled to an injury settlement, but are not involved in a legal proceeding yet, it’s important to contact a lawyer for legal information.

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