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Plaintiff Lawsuit Funding

Step One: Qualifying for Legal Finance

Imagine this. You’ve been injured in an accident. You know there should be a significant settlement coming your way, but you can’t quite reach it.  For one reason or another, you can’t scrounge up the lawsuit funding you need to obtain the settlement you deserve.

Unfortunately, more and more people find themselves in this predicament, which has led to an increase in lawsuit cash advances. With the proper lawsuit funding at your disposal, you’re able to level the playing field with the defendant.  You’ll be able to acquire a reputable lawyer and endure a potentially long and complex legal battle.

LightHouse Legal Finance recognizes the need for this service.  And with an extensive background in law and finance, we’re able to provide the lawsuit funding our customers need.  Furthermore, we provide that service at unmatched efficiency.  Within as little as 24 hours, you can be approved and have your lawsuit cash advance in hand.

You can complete the application online via the form below on this page, or you can contact us directly toll free at



Step Two: Plaintiff Cash Funding

After we receive your free application, we’ll contact your lawyer and get to work immediately.  We’ll handle all the legal assistance documentation required for lawsuit funding directly with your attorney.

In order to complete the approval process, we’ll need to obtain certain documents.  Since you’ve likely already began building a case with your attorney, chances are they’ll have these documents. For most cases, we require one or more copies—not originals—of the following:

  • Attorney-client retainer agreement
  • Accident, Incident, or Police report
  • Summary and Copies of Medical Bills
  • Defendants Insurance Information
  • Other documents or materials that are required for you case
  • Other materials that are needed for your particular case and legal assistance

Lawsuit funding is essentially an investment.  So, naturally, it depends on the strength of the case.  Our team of legal and financial experts will examine your documents to calculate the probability of a win at trial, as well as a settlement out of court.  In the end, this determines your eligibility for a lawsuit loan.

Step Three: Obtaining Your Settlement Funding

After we’ve received a reviewed your case file, often a 24-48 hour process, we’ll contact you by telephone or e-mail.  We will notify you if you’re eligible for funding, as well as the amount of your lawsuit cash advance.

  • Following this, we will arrange and send the Purchase Agreement to your attorney.
  • The purchase agreement must be read and signed by you and your attorney, then returned to us.
  • Once we receive the document, we will wire your cash funding directly to the account you provide us.  The sooner we receive the purchase agreement, the sooner you will receive your cash lawsuit cash advance!