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Legal Funding

Legal funding is when cash advancement is made to either an attorney or a plaintiff. When a personal injury has taken place and the victim of an accident, referred to as the plaintiff, is asking for a lawsuit case advance before the case comes to a settlement is often called legal funding.

With times as tough as they are legal funding has been increasing. When people apply for legal funding they are in a need for money more often than not as a result of a heart ship from their lawsuit.  Basically there are three kinds of legal funding each with unique quality that sets them apart, though they all are sometimes referred to as a lawsuit cash advance or lawsuit funding.

Pre settlement lawsuit funding is most just called lawsuit funding or lawsuit loans though it is not a loan. These are offered to a plaintiff in a personal injury case that has not settled yet..Since this type of lawsuit funding is non recourse,  pre settlement funding is not a loan. By non recourse we mean we do not get paid back unless the plaintiff is awarded a settlement for the case. If your case never gets settled and the plaintiff is not given compensation than nothing is owed.

Structured Settlement is funding against annuity payments. This is legal funding against money that you already have coming to you. These can structured payments you are already receiving or even a lawsuit cash advance on a reward you are waiting to receive.

Another type of legal funding is law firm funding. A law firm advance, also called attorney loans, is an advancement made to help fund an ongoing personal injury case. It can be used to help pay for expenses on the case such as expert witnesses.

Due to the number of cases increasing throughout the US, Legal funding has become tremendously accepted over the last several years. With the times being the way they are, not many people have the savings they once did.. There are other options that one may consider prior to applying for legal funding. Many people turn to credit cards and personal loans when injuries don’t allow them to make an income though many don’t have this type of credit available making legal funding a better choice. Even if you have credit available, sometimes legal funding has a lower rate of interest than a fee credit card out there and its non recourse. See if your credit card companies will lend money on a non recourse basis. I think not.

If you are currently seeking lawsuit funding begin by applying online with Lighthouse Legal Finance.

Lighthouse Legal Finance provides a variety of different legal funding for personal injury cases including but not limited to:

Accident Cash Financing
Civil Rights
Construction Negligence
Employment Discrimination
FELA (Railroad)
General Negligence (animal bite, homeowner)
Jones Act (Maritime)
Legal Malpractice
Mass Tort
Medical Malpractice
Motor Vehicle and Passenger Injury
Nursing Home Malpractice
Pedestrian Injury
Personal Injury
Pharmaceutical Litigation
Premises Negligence (slip & fall)
Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH)
Product Liability
Whistleblower (Qui Tam)
Workers Compensation
Workplace Negligence
Wrongful Death

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