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Qualifying for Legal Finance

They say it takes money to make money. Those who have ever endured a legal battle in pursuit of a settlement knows that as well as anyone.  Lawsuits aren’t cheap. Even when you expect a big settlement, it takes a nice chunk of change to get there. So what do you do when the numbers don’t add up?

Luckily, companies like LightHouse Legal offer legal finance services to help ease the financial stress of a lawsuit. By offering lawsuit funding, we provide you with the means to get the settlement you deserve. You’ll be able to use an experienced attorney, who will have more time to work on your case.

LightHouse Legal levels the playing field.  Defendants with deep pockets can no longer stall as the plaintiff runs out of money to fund the lawsuit.  With a lawsuit cash advance, plaintiffs can access the same resources as defendants and pursue a fair settlement.

Unlike the legal process, our application process is short and simple.  You can begin your free application for lawsuit cash funding by filling out our online application or by calling us toll free 1-800-SOS-CASH.

Lawsuit Loan Approval Process

After you submit an application, whether by phone or online, we’ll begin the lawsuit loan approval process immediately.  While majority of the process will take place between your lawyer and us, we’ll mail you a copy of our request so you can follow up with your attorney.

As your lawyers have worked on your case file, they have undoubtedly gathered various legal documents that assist us in the approval process. Typically we’ll ask for copies of one or more of the following:

  • Attorney-client retainer agreement
  • Police, accident, or incident report
  • Proof of defendant’s insurance coverage
  • Summary of medical bills to date
  • Other materials that are required for your specific case and legal help

Lawsuit loans, on our part, are an investment—just like any other loan.  So, naturally, funding depends on the strength of your case.  Our team of legal and financial professionals carefully review the documentation of each lawsuit to assess the probability of a win at trial or an out of court settlement. From that, we determine if your case qualifies for funding.

Disbursement of Lawsuit Funding

If you’ve been approved for a lawsuit loan, we’ll inform you of the amount by phone or e-mail.

Next, we’ll send your lawyer a Purchase Agreement, which you’ll both need to review and sign.  Once we receive the signed document, we’ll wire the money directly to your designated account.

Depending on how quickly your lawyer’s office can return the document, the entire lawsuit loan process can take as little as 48 hours.  And, if for some reason you find yourself needing more money, you can make another request for additional settlement funding or pre-settlement funding at a later date.