Settlement rejected in case of accident caused by floor mat

The family of Mark Saylor, a California man who died in a 2009 car accident that also claimed the lives of his wife, daughter and brother-in-law, has turned down a $6 million settlement offered by Bob Barker Lexus, reports KGTV, the San Diego ABC affiliate. Legal loans are one possible source of funding for litigation related to car accidents.

According to KGTV, investigators concluded a wrong-sized floor mat caused Saylor’s accelerator to get stuck, precipitating the crash that killed him and his family members. The news source says the Saylor family sued the maker of the car, Toyota, and the dealership that provided the car as a loaner, Bob Barker Lexus.

Toyota settled with the family for $10 million, KGTV says, though the company did not admit or deny liability. The Saylors’ attorney, John Gomez, told the news source Bob Barker Lexus is more culpable for what happened than Toyota, and therefore the offer of $6 million to settle was not acceptable.

In February 2011, Toyota recalled 2.17 million vehicles due to hazardous floor mats that could cause gas pedal jams. Businessweek reported the Japanese automaker has recalled 5.3 million vehicles due to floor mat issues since 2009.

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