What is a Lawsuit Loan?

Many people are in find themselves in the difficult position where they need to hire a lawyer, but they just can’t afford the extreme fees. For example, a lot of people find themselves in a situation after a horrible disaster where their insurance company is not paying them anywhere near what they are owed. Because of all the bills they have to pay, many people simply assume that they cannot afford a lawyer, and that they are stuck paying for all of their repairs and possibly hospital bills on their own.

A lawsuit loan is a way for people in this type of situation to get help. A lawsuit loan is a loan that is given to a client of Lighthouse Legal that will pay for their legal expenses during a case. It can cover a variety of legal, document, and court fees. For example, if a person has recently been the victim of a car accident and the other person’s insurance company will not give out what they need to pay their medical bills, replace their car, and compensate them for pain and suffering, a lawsuit loan will cover all of the costs of their lawsuit. This means that the victim can focus on getting their life back on track, and let the professionals at Lighthouse Legal work on winning their case.

The best part about taking out a loan such as this is that the victim does not have to pay back the loan if he or she loses their case. If they win their case, the costs of the lawsuit loan are simply deducted from the amount of the settlement or award. This means that the victim does not have to worry about paying back a loan that he or she will not have the money for. Certainly there is no better way to achieve what you need during a trying event!

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